jonny ohio

     Jonny Ohio is a proud native son of the old Northwest Territory.

     An aspiring storyteller since his youth and a fan of a wide gamut of musical styles, this Richland County self-taught musician delivers a foot-tapping, feel good fusion of sounds to his audiences.

     With a little twang of rockabilly, a little flavoring of folk and a twist of his own, Jonny Ohio’s sound and story telling is reminiscent of early rock and country artists Johnny Horton and Johnny Cash.

     A deep interest in the history of his native state shapes many of the songs that he writes, records, and performs.  

     "I have always loved where I live and work and play." he says. "The history of this state is a microcosm of the history of our nation as well as the world itself. Here is where the last Anglo-Saxon invasion took shape as a young country molded itself into existence, and here is where that country set its policies regarding the indigenous people of the land it set out to conquer. I'd say there's a lot to be learned here, even today, by examining the events that set the course for western expansion."

    His performances have been well received at Gnadenhutten, Leesville (where the famed Colonel Crawford was captured) and Malabar Farm State Park.