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Jonny Ohio and family (daughter Adriana and wife Pam) are nature & creature geeks.

They love traversing the outdoors to see what can be seen. A great day out is something they coined as "A Great Nature Encounter Day".

This is a Muskie we found dead on the receding Clear Fork River just west of Lexington, Ohio.  The picture was snapped during the summer when the water was running low and the banks were dry.  This fish was actually on the drained bed of the river, where only the previous day this same spot was covered by nine inches of water.


 It was killed by a heron, and if you look at its side you will see the large gash torn into it.  That wound came from the strike of the predatory bird.  It is somewhat expanded, having been eaten from by a chipmunk we spotted as we approached to take pictures.  This was a reminder that chipmunks (and squirrels) are rodents, and omnivorous.  They are both predatory and opportunistic and will hunt and kill insects and smaller rodents as well as foraging for nuts.


We had seen this muskie the day before.  It was one of several we had watched as we fished for bass.  Our gear was medium light. The line was eight pound test, the hooks number twos, baited simply with live nightcrawlers.  This fish was a good thirty inches or more in length.  His weight must have come in at thirteen pounds or greater.  We could not cast for the muskie because our gear was not equal to the task.  Instead we continued to cast for bass while taking time to watch the large fish and the nature around us. 


I wandered away, frustrated by the rotten luck of not having brought the proper tackle for the fish I now wanted to catch.

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